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Brake Light Issues | Bert Ogden McAllen Nissan in McAllen, TX

Warning other drivers that you are slowing down and coming to a stop is an important safety practice on the road. That’s why we have brake lights on our vehicles. But these brake lights don’t do anyone any good if they’re burnt out, never turning on. The fix for that is simple: Replace the bulbs.

But what if you have the opposite problem: brake lights that are always on. This can be confusing to drivers behind you and could ultimately lead to a rear-end collision if they cannot ascertain when you are actually braking and when you are not.

If your brake lights just won’t turn off, we recommend getting a tow to Bert Ogden McAllen Nissan here in McAllen, Texas. Our certified service techs can help diagnose the issue and fix it for you.

You can certainly try out fixing the issue for yourself, too. Here are a few of the causes and how to fix them:

The brake pedal is stuck

 Sometimes, your brake pedal can become slightly stuck or pressed, which may be keeping your brake lights on. Look for any debris that could be the culprit, and try pumping the brake a few times (when in park) to see if that fixes the issue.

The pedal stop wore off

Pedal stops keep brakes and accelerators from hitting the floor when you apply pressure. Overtime, these things wear off and you need to replace them. If you see that yours is missing, order one from our parts department and install the replacement.

Something is wrong with the electrical

If neither of those issues seems to be the culprit, there is likely an issue with the wiring or a switch. We highly recommend bringing that in for one of our professional mechanics to handle.

Contact the service department at Bert Ogden McAllen Nissan in McAllen, Texas, for all your vehicle maintenance needs.


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